Views Within Our First Due

October 21th, 2013 - Wintergreen Fire Department was called to a home on Brimstone Drive for "smoke in a structure." Engine 2 and Truck 1 marked on location reporting light smoke showing. Chief 1, as well as 3 additional firefighters arrived shortly after light smoke was reported. Crews discovered a sauna which had malfunctioned, resulting in temperatures hot enough to melt gauges and controls on the walls. Additionally, cedar boards near the heater were beginning to discolor.

While crews were waiting for ventilation fans to do their jobs, the firefighters were drawn to the view from the rear deck of the home.

Collectively, the crew of seven had over 100 years of experience at Wintergreen. Even with all of that exposure, everyone agreed that the beauty of Wintergreen is at times so stunning that it stops us in our tracks. Could there be a more awesome place to call your "first due"? Take a look. -Captain Barry Eastep

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Photo by Captain Barry Eastep

First due: The area in which a company is expected to be the first to arrive on a fire scene. 

Reports, StaffMike Riddle