Wintergreen Resort has a new owner

June 24th, 2012 - "Wintergreen Resort Sold"....what does that mean for Wintergreen Fire & Rescue?

It's a fair question.  The sale of the resort certainly has gotten a fair amount of press and its far too complicated for 3-minute news clips. Here are the basics;

Approximately 3,800 residential properties are located within the 11,000-acre tract known as Wintergreen. All of these properties are part of the Wintergreen Property Owners Association (WPOA).  Association dues support Police, Fire, Rescue, 911, Snow Removal, Road Maintenance, Landscaping, and two association pool and recreation centers.  Each owner pays to support these services.  The fees are no different from municipal taxes in that they are not optional and non-payment results in a lien against the property.  There has been no change to WPOA and therefore no change to Wintergreen Fire & Rescue.

Located within the 11,000-acre tract is a private business known as "Wintergreen Resort" which since the mid-seventies has been owned exclusively by those members of the property owners association who chose to purchase a share. 

Not quite 50% of persons owning property at Wintergreen owned a share of Wintergreen Resort. Resort amenities include golf and ski operations, several restaurants, spa, conference spaces and lodging, tennis and equestrian centers. 

Many factors which spanned many years led to the eventual fiscal insolvency of Wintergreen Partners Incorporated, doing business as Wintergreen Resort.  On June 24th, the shareholders of WPI approved overwhelmingly an offer made by James Justice, the owner of The Greenbrier Resort of West Virginia. The Greenbrier is internationally known as a 5-star resort and the once-secret underground bunker for the United States Congress.

For the first time ever, Wintergreen Resort is owned by a sole proprietor.  While this is very different, it is likely impossible to find a resident or employee of either WPOA or the former WPI who doesn't feel this is a very exciting and positive time for Wintergreen.

Every time a new structure is built or a new activity is added in our beautiful Nelson County oasis the job of Wintergreen Fire & Rescue expands a bit.  We look forward to many new challenges.  Stay tuned....

ReportsMike Riddle