New Chief of Fire Operations Appointed

April 20, 2016 - After a thorough search, Wintergreen Fire & Rescue is pleased to announce that Charles “Trey” Crawford will take over the position of Chief of Fire Operations.

Trey has 25 years of experience within the industry serving as a volunteer and career provider in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia region. Trey has been an employee of Wintergreen Fire & Rescue for several years and brings significant local knowledge to the table.

Trey will be responsible for every aspect of fire suppression and fire prevention at Wintergreen. He will build upon a solid foundation established by the previous Chief who recently retired. Trey will collaborate with the Chief of EMS Operations, Mike Riddle, to create the strongest possible cross-trained department.

The staff and volunteers congratulate Chief Crawford and look forward to continuing to provide property and life protection services at Wintergreen and in the surrounding Counties of Augusta and Nelson.

StaffCharles Batchelor