Disaster Preparedness

Report Special Health Circumstances in Case of Evacuation!


Can you evacuate if needed?

We cannot promise we can always meet the needs of every citizen in every sort of emergency. What we can do is take steps to set ourselves up for every possible success.

Wintergreen Fire and Rescue would like to know if you or anyone in your family has special challenges of which we should be aware. This is different from the Wintergreen Police Department welfare check program where residents here can request a daily check-in phone call.

For example, if you needed to evacuate your home here in 30 minutes or less, could you? If the answer is no or maybe, we want to be aware of this.

Do you use medical equipment such as an oxygen generator that relies on a battery backup during a power outage? If so, we would like to be aware of this.

Being aware of situations such as this will allow us to dispatch resources more efficiently in the case of a wildfire, severe weather, or other large area threat.

Residents of Wintergreen and Nelson County please complete the adjacent form to be added to this confidential database so that we may better protect you.

Wintergreen Fire & Rescue aspires to establish a database of persons with special circumstances.  For example, persons who require oxygen generators in the homes, or persons who would be physically unable to evacuate if needed.  In a time of disaster, having this information on file in no way guarantees any sort of prioritized attention, however that is the goal.  For those persons not living at Wintergreen, your information will be shared with the appropriate persons in Nelson County Emergency Services.  

List any medical or mobility challenge you may have, such as battery powered heart monitor, wheel chair bound, etc.
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