Useful Home Safety Gear

Wintergreen Fire & Rescue offers these products below to make your home or business more safe.

The safety products ordered online here are for pick up at either of the Wintergreen Stations.

We do not ship the safety products. Most all of these products are kept on hand. Buyers will be notified via email when their order is ready for pickup at the location they select.

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Knox Box (Installed)
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Knox Box (Installed)

Only local emergency responders can access this high security key safe. The responders to an alarm or 911 call simply remove the entrance key stored inside, provide the needed assistance and re-lock the door when they leave.

  • Mounted on your home by Wintergreen Fire & Rescue Staff
  • No damage to your home when Fire Department requires access.
  • Usually located near power meter on your home
  • Sticker on front door notifies responders that Knox Box is on premise.