State Champions - Vertical Rescue

October 4th, 2012 - Last week, a few of our staff traveled to the beach to test their skills against other agencies from all across Virginia.  We started competing four years ago to see how our technical rescue team (rope rescue) stacked up. 

Just a couple years ago somebody came up with the crazy idea of competing in virtually every contest offered while we were in the neighborhood. 

The primary goal has always been the rope team and this is why it is especially exciting to be able to say Wintergreen has a Championship Rescue Team in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Additionally. our vehicle rescue team placed third and Mike Riddle placed seventh in the EVOC Instructors competition. 

Rope Team Trophy 2012 copy.jpg

Here are the staff that participated in the VAVRS Convention for 2012. Congratulations!

Eric Anhold
Tom Souter
Mike Riddle
Jeremiah Fish
Nick Brown
Deryk Botkin
Robin Root
Brad Moser (not shown in photo)

Rating, StaffCharles Batchelor