Laurel Springs Drive/Lady Slipper Lane Vehicle Crash

December 26th, 2012 - Wintergreen Fire and Rescue was dispatched and responded to the intersection of Laurel Springs Drive and Lady Slipper Lane for an overturned vehicle. Crews found a Ford Excursion on its side. 

The vehicle destroyed an above ground high-voltage junction pedestal and came to rest just one foot from the top of an 8-ft high retaining wall. Luckily the vehicle slid just beyond the junction box coming to rest in a position where no part of it was touching the energized lines.

The owner of the vehicle was not injured. He had traveled from North Carolina and was within a quarter-mile of his Wintergreen home. Roads all over the region were extremely dangerous and all local Fire and Rescue personnel were stretched to their limits.

Units on scene included Engine 2, Chief 1, Medic 179, and Wintergreen Police Department. Central Virginia Electric Cooperative arrived quickly to address the power issues. The vehicle was removed on the following day once conditions were safer.

ReportsCharles Batchelor