Chief Curtis Sheets–Virginia Governor's award for Outstanding EMS Administrator

Chief Curtis Sheets

Chief Curtis Sheets

November 9th, 2013 - Chief Curtis Sheets was presented with the 2013 Governor's award for Outstanding EMS Administrator. For those of you who know Curtis will understand why he won this award. Curtis' number one priority is to the citizens of Wintergreen Resort, Nelson County, and the staff/volunteers of Wintergreen Fire & Rescue.

The criteria for this award is any individual who demonstrates the ability to organize, conduct, manage, problem solve and evaluate within his or her organization and, by exemplary leadership and administrative skills, improve the effectiveness, response, and delivery of EMS.

As many of you in the fire and rescue service may know it is difficult to manage an agency where volunteers and career staff are working in the same station. One of Curtis' priorities is to maintain that seamless work environment. He is always looking for ways to retain volunteers not only for our agency but also for all the volunteer agencies in the county. He has made this daunting task appear effortless within Wintergreen Fire & Rescue.

One other priority for Curtis is to write grant applications to receive money for equipment to better serve our community. Just last year Curtis was able to secure approximately $115,000 in grants for new equipment making the most out of your donated dollars.

As most of you know the foundation to any agency is its people. Curtis has made it his objective to invest in his staff. Curtis is always willing to hear the needs of the staff and will do anything he can to fulfill those needs. He encourages and supports our staff in all training needs from Paramedic, Critical Care, Vertical Rescue and much more. It doesn't stop there, Curtis is also concerned with our health and provides means for us to exercise and evaluates the progress on a regular basis.

This of course only scratches the surface of Curtis' dedication to the agency and community. This award is well deserved and long overdue. Congratulations Curtis.

Rating, StaffCharles Batchelor