Three More Attack Pumpers in Nelson County

12162013 NC_Attack_Pumpers.jpg

December 15th, 2013 - Congratulations to Faber Fire Department, Lovingston Fire Department, and Montebello Fire Department on their new Attack Pumpers!

In 2013, the Nelson County Board of Supervisors began a program that provides capital equipment to Fire Departments. All seven departments are in a rotation and this year. Attack Pumpers were provided to three departments. The impact this equipment will have on fire suppression in Nelson County simply cannot be overstated.

Many homes in Nelson County have driveways which don’t allow for a full-sized engine to access. These “Attack Pumpers” have been equipped with 750gpm pumps, 4-wheel drive, and winches, all very useful in rural Nelson.

There’s no doubt we will see these trucks fighting fire at Wintergreen, just like there’s no doubt we will find ourselves assisting on calls with this equipment out in Nelson County.

Teamwork between the Nelson agencies is not only absolutely necessary, its 100% genuine.

ApparatusCharles Batchelor