Grant awarded for new ambulance

January 11, 2017–Wintergreen Fire and Rescue has been selected to receive a $113,400 grant to be used towards the replacement of Ambulance 177. $113,000 represents half the cost of the vehicle. The replacement unit will be completely new (not a re-mount) and will comply will all new ambulance safety standards.

The last time our agency purchased a completely new box-style ambulance was 2001. Unit 177 is 10 years old, has been driven over 150,000 miles and has all the comfort of an antique haywagon. It's time for it to go. Look for the new and improved 177 mid-summer.

Over 180 agencies competed for grants in this particular cycle. Roughly $4 million was awarded. The funds are managed by the Virginia Office of EMS. Since 2000, Wintergreen Fire and Wintergreen Rescue have together pulled down over two million dollars in grant monies. Thanks to Wintergreen Fire and Rescue's Chief of EMS, Mike Riddle, for his assistance on this project. –Chief Curtis Sheets